Re: SRAM Card Usage, etc.

David Virga (
Thu, 27 Feb 97 13:04:18 mst

Michael Vezie <> asked:
>I forget... can SRAM cards be used in an OmniGo 100? I like the prices
>I've seen recently, but only have a 100, not a 120.

SRAM cards are the type recommended by HP for use in the OmniGo 100.

>>For the sake of the "newbies" in the crowd, here's a couple of other
>>tidbits worth repeating:
>>- If you bought an OmniGo 100 between 25 Oct 96 and 31 Jan 97, then you are
>>eligible for a free "Power Pack" from HP, which contains among other things
>>the original connectivity kit and a cable. Call HP at 970/392-1001.

>What about those of us who bought it used?

If you don't have, and can't get, the ORIGINAL sales receipt, you're most
likely out of luck.... I was told by an HP rep that the fulfillment
company is very firm on this.

>>- As of the end of December, Intuit was still honoring the offer for a free
>>copy of Pocket Quicken for the OmniGo 100. Free that is, for the cost of
>>shipping.... You'll need a connectivity kit to install the software. Call
>>Intuit at 800/243-4650, ext 810329.

>Caveat at that -- IMSO, it's much more useful with Pocket Quicken
>Connect, which does cost money (but is worth it).

True, but being the stubborn tightwad that I am, I'm not willing to
admit defeat yet ;-) I keep hoping that I'll find some way to get
PQ data into a format that Desktop Quicken v6 will understand,
perhaps by resurrecting an old version of Desktop Quicken to act as
an intermediary. A couple more months of idle tinkering isn't going
to hurt me, considering how horribly behind I am in entering data
into my Desktop Quicken....