Re: SRAM Card Usage

David Virga (
Thu, 27 Feb 97 09:21:56 mst

Thomas Hunter <> asked:

>I have a "newbie" question: Can I use these cards without the ability
>to down load any software from a PC, or will I have to have some way to
>get a driver or something similar onto the OGO from elsewhere?

>I would love to use these for back-up since I have no other way to
>back-up, but I am fairly clueless as to what is involved.


SRAM cards require no additional software/drivers/etc to be used on the
OmniGo. You just plug it in, the OmniGo asks to format it (takes seconds),
and it is immediately available for storing backups of your OmniGo
applications via the Transfer utility.

If you get a connectivity cable, you can even install and run programs from
the card. And with a little bit of hacking, you can even make the OmniGo
store the main data files there too!

For the sake of the "newbies" in the crowd, here's a couple of other
tidbits worth repeating:
- If you bought an OmniGo 100 between 25 Oct 96 and 31 Jan 97, then you are
eligible for a free "Power Pack" from HP, which contains among other things
the original connectivity kit and a cable. Call HP at 970/392-1001.
- As of the end of December, Intuit was still honoring the offer for a free
copy of Pocket Quicken for the OmniGo 100. Free that is, for the cost of
shipping.... You'll need a connectivity kit to install the software. Call
Intuit at 800/243-4650, ext 810329.