Re: Link to Windows/HP PIM

Kelly Bergen (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 17:09:43 -0800

Greg Cagle wrote:
> Okay, I must be missing something obvious. I've installed the
> Link to Windows PC, including Sync&Go, Clip&Go, and the games.
> But I'm not able to find the HP PIM talked about in the manual,
> and I can't seem to find a way from a:\setup to get it installed.
>When I set up the software on my system, the HP PIM stuff was
automatically installed in the Omnigo directory, but the apps didn't
automatically show up on the Win95 Program menu. You can make a shortcut
(launcher) for the PIMS or open up the Omnigo window and they should be
there. Use your sync setup within sync and go to choose the PIM as the
software you want to sync with. The new PIM is improved from the old one
in that you have more options for printing (like calendars). I'm not
much of an expert, but I hope this helps.
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