Cutting/Pasting Ink, Reboot Electronics, Printing

David Virga (
Wed, 26 Feb 97 09:36:23 mst asked:

>2. Is there a way to cut/copy/paste/delete a selected region of ink (in
>ink select mode in notepad) with a graf stroke?

As was mentioned yesterday, you can call up the Graffiti box and enter the
stroke there, if you are intent on using a Graffiti stroke. Another option
is to highlight the section of ink, and then use the Cut/Copy/Paste options
in the Ogo's Utility menu in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen; I
(personally) find this easier and quicker than messing with the Graffiti


Steven Kim <> asked:

>A week or so ago, someone posted an address of a store in NJ that sold
>srams for $40. I think the store was called Reboot. Can you post the
>phone number and the address of this store again? Thanks in advance.

I bought my 1MB SRAM card from Reboot Technologies at the end of December.
Price was US$34.95 plus shipping, about US$4.00 for me. Their phone number
is (201)457-1980. This cost is less than half of other mail-order
offerings for 1MB SRAM cards. They are new Grid 1MB SRAM cards, and
mine is working without a hitch. I ordered on 12/24 and received on 12/30.
(Reboot apparently bought these cards at auction from a failed business.
They're still in original shrink-wrap)

On the subject of printing...

Can the OmniGo print more than just a screen? I ask because I'm still
holding out on buying Pocket Quicken Connect, and am interested in trying
to use that Zoomer program that converts PQ print data to .QIF format. For
this to succeed, PQ on the OmniGo needs to produce a text-based print file
containing as much transaction data as possible. So, can this be done??

Or, has anyone else found any kind of workaround to PQ Connect?