Saving formatting information to UNIX

Michael L Vezie (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 22:52:10 -0500

I am making extensive use of notes in my job (for each "TODO" entry
in my database, the attached note is my log of what I've done in that
task, what I'm waiting for from other people, etc). I'd like to upload
them to a UNIX machine (maybe in HTML form, or some other portable form
that includes formatting information) for archival purposes. I have a
text editor, and can copy them to that, save it as a text file, and upload
it that way, but I then loose all the formatting information.

If I put them in a notepad note, then download NOTEPAD.NDB (or just download
my TODO.GDB (yes, database, not a reminder), is there some way that I
(programmer by trade) can pull apart the notes and format them myself?

Someone recently posted data formats. I forget if they included note
formats (like bold, etc).

In Christ,