Re: HP Link To Windows

Omar Downie (
Sun, 23 Feb 1997 22:34:51 -0500

Hello Max,

What connectivity software do you use (if not any of HP's offerings) ? What
PIM do you integrate your OGO to ?

I've set up my OGO to dual boot with Interlink/InterSvr. I then back up my
data using batch files which pkzip the ogo's contents.

I however lack the ability to import data to any desktop PIM. I'd thought
of using schedule 95, but lack the ability to export the appt.adb file via

Does anyone have any in depth knowledge of the appointment file structure
(or any files on the OGO for that matter...I'd asked about the Bindery
files, but no one seems to know or wish to share that knowledge) ?

At 10:36 AM 02/23/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi Tim,
>Thanks for the report. You may have seen my negative assesment of the new
>connectivity pack a month or so ago. I removed the program from my computer
>and put it back in the box. I may pull it out if I ever use the OGO
>database, but I have solved my connnectivity problems with other programs.
>I might also ad, the new connectivity pack is an Intellilink (now Puma)
>product. The problems you described are exactly what I experienced with
>their other products.
>Good luck.
>At 10:09 AM 02/23/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>The new connectivity software is known as Link to Windows. I have
>>been very pleased with this after some initial problems. I tried to
>>use SyncNGo to export/import some databases. I discovered that you
>>must have a corresponding target file on the desktop with field names,
>>or if you are importing into the ogo, you must design an empty database
>>with the field names you wish.
>>I am also using the HP PIM, and have found some glitches. If you
>>import an event (start time = end time = NONE) it does not always
>>appear at the top of the day (before 12:00AM). I have been able to
>>move them by deleting the time, and saving, but this is not consistent.
>>I also saw a weird effect if I created an event that repeated daily.
>>Sometimes it would appear with an end date < start date. Hence it
>>would appear on every day in the calendar. I had to delete the original
>>and re-enter for it to work.
>>I previously commented on my success in linking directly with the SRAM
>>card. I keep all my files in the C:\geoworks\document directory. I
>>used a binary file editor to change all references to b:\geoworks to
>>C:\geoworks. I used win95 explorer to search all the files for
>>"b:\geoworks" and then went in and changed them.
>>One last tip. Be sure the application on the ogo is closed ( Fn-F3 )
>>or the latest file will not be accessed.
>- Max