RE: ogo 100 won't shut off with power key...

Cox, Kerry (
Thu, 20 Feb 97 09:37:00 MST


I had a similar problem in that whenever I turned my 120 off using the OFF
key, it would immediately restart. I just did a soft boot and that cleared
it up.



>Hi All,
>This is likely an easy one:
>My ogo 100 for the first time had it's main (AA) batteries completely die.
>The backup battery was fine, and I replaced the AA's and all seemed well.
>The problem is that I can not turn off the ogo with the on/off key (next to
>the exit button on the top left). I have set the auto shutoff to 1 minute
>that it will shut off by itself, but I can shut it off on demand.

>Has this happened to anyone else? All the other buttons seem to work fine.

>Any help would be appreciated.