More on Stacker on the Omnigo

Wayne Venables (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 13:30:04 -0800

Hello All,

Most people have asked if it slows down the system lots. I haven't
found much of difference - so I'd have to say no. The driver does however
eat 40k of RAM which might slow things down a little, but you probably
wouldn't notice.

To get stacker running you need to have a good text editor for the
Omnigo, I would suggest OgText since it lets you change directories.
You'll also need a DOS driver installed so you can run the stacker
utilities. You can install stacker to a drive with data on it, but I
suggest you stack to an empty drive.

Copy STACKER.COM and STACPALM.EXE to your Omnigo (Stacker 3.0 comes with
these files) into a directory called B:\STACKER. Then run STACPALM.EXE as

STACPALM d: /S=sss.s /R=n.n

where d: is the drive letter of your RAM Card, sss.s is the amount of the
drive you want to compress and n.n is the expected compression ratio. If
you leave off the size then it will create a stacker partition the size of
the drive. If you leavve off the compression ratio then it defaults to
2.0. I would suggest that you leave a little uncompressed space on you
drive to place backup copies of STACKER.COM and OgText. If you're Omnigo
RAM ever get erased, then the uncompressed portion will become visible and
you'll be able to use OgText to reinstall stacker.

Now you'll want to install stacker into your config.sys. Use OgText to
open your CONFIG.SYS file and add the line:

device = b:\stacker\ d:

where d: is the drive letter of your RAM card. Save the file and reboot.
You now have a stacked drive.


If the Omnigo appears to lock up during startup, then there might have been
a error and it's pausing so you can press a key. Press a key and it should
boot normally but you won't have access to the stacked partition.

Although other versions of stacker allow you to have both the stacked drive
and the host drive visible at the same time, I haven't been able to get
this to work. Therefore any files on the unstacked part of the drive
become invisible once stacker is installed.

As with any of my Omnigo hacks, please backup all your data before trying
this. If your Omnigo locks you out, you'll have to erase everything by
rebooting and holding down 'C'.

You can dynamically mount and unmount stacker drives by using the
STACKER.COM program in DOS.

To get rid of Stacker, unmount the drive, format the card, then take
STACKER.COM out of your CONFIG.SYS. If you don't want to format the card,
you can unmount the drive and then delete the STACVOL file (you'll need
some way to make it not readonly, hidden and system).


Wayne Venables Computing Science
Singularity Solutions Simon Fraser University Burnaby, BC, Canada