Stacker on the Omnigo

Wayne Venables (
Sun, 09 Feb 1997 23:48:24 -0800

> Is it on the Omnigo's main memory or a flash/sram card? Also where
>can I get stacker 3.0? is it shareware?

I had my Flash RAM card stacked. I'm not sure if you can stack the main
memory because it is so small (I'm not sure of the limit). You have to buy
Stacker (although a free version comes with OpenDOS). I have version 4.0
of stacker which is what I'm going to try next - version 3.0 came with my

The default compression ratio is 2.0 (meaning my 5 MB card becomes 10
MB). Free space is always an estimation of what Stacker thinks it will
compress the data. Typically executables get about 1.2-1.5 compressed. I
have however used stacker to store databases and I typically got about 10
to 1 compression on those files or more.


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