RE: Omnigo AC adapter plug

Hinman, Jeffrey M (
Tue, 4 Feb 1997 06:20:00 -0800

It is probably not wise to connect blindly to the motherboard. It may
reverse the intended power source for some of the circuits (diodes might
be present that normally keep this from happening) and there could be a
protection circuit upstream of the mother board that this might bypass.
The best power source connection is the path from the batteries which
were originally designed into the unit.

If you've ever soldered to a spring - well, it's pretty difficult.
There is also little room on the positive connect for a wire solder
(take a look - it rests against the plastic). Then I would also have to
find a way to route the wires through the hinge. I might think some
more on this one though. It could be possible to connect without
solder. Hmmm.....

Jeff Hinman

>From: Michael J Dark[]
>Sent: Monday, February 03, 1997 4:04 PM
>To: Hinman, Jeffrey M
>Subject: Re: Omnigo AC adapter plug
>Couldn't you solder two wires of your own to the bottom motherboard where the
>power connectors come in from the battery compartment, in parallel? Or, where
>the spring clip/positive side connector comes into the case from the
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