Buying an Omnigo 120

Cameron Parle (
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 00:12.55 +1000

I live in Australia and am thinking of ordering an Omnigo 120 from the =
US, as this model is not available here. I have a few questions that =
some people might be able to answer for me.

1. Any good/bad dealer experiences with ACE Technologies, EDUCALC, PDA =
Direct, Global Connections & Notebook Supply Warehouse? I believe I =
should probably be placing an order with one of these places.

2. Does anyone know the part number and availability of the NEW =
Connectivity Kit? (not the old F1311A).

3. How much memory does the Strategy Games Pack take for itself, and =
how much storage RAM is available on the Omnigo 120 after operating =
system overheads?

4. Is Pocket Quicken burned into ROM or pre-installed in RAM?

Any adviced on the above points would be greatly appreciated.