Re: Omnigo AC adapter plug & other things

John Justin (
Sat, 01 Feb 1997 17:07:54 -0800

Hinman, Jeffrey M wrote:

All I have to say is that it was poor planning by HP to not include a
simple $3.95 adapter jack in the design of the unit.

Amen, Jeff. But $3.95? Try 20 cents in the lots of 1000. The product
manager on the Omnigo should be fired for that and other reasons (like
the size of the "non-backlit" screen)! The marketing team at HP has
shown absolutely no understanding of the market when it came to the
design of the Omnigo. It's almost as if the Omnigo was developed by a
startup company!

As a vertical market software developer for the Omnigo that is shipping
what appears to be the only commercially available package, I can tell
you that the first impressions of the Omnigo's screen by my customers is
disastrous! It's not until they see my program in action do they become
impressed and overlook the shortcomings of the computer. The Omnigo
itself has been a hinderance not an asset to my software package that
took over two and half years to develop.

I had originally developed the program for the Z7000 (Zoomer). When I
saw the screen size on the HP the first time, I almost fainted! I
haven't been myself since!

It appears that as long as you don't do too much serial port activity,
and don't have software or an active database residing on the PC card
(especially a flash card) you might get 2 weeks with L-ion batteries,
assuming you are using it the equivalent of less than 3 hours a day or
so. I've found that, with my app and its database residing on an SRAM
card, the battery draw is about 170-220 ma under ("ON" standby current
is about 70 ma). Also disturbing is that the Omnigo 120 manual specifies
alkaline whereas the Omnigo 100 recommends L-ion! Alkalines will last
about half as long if you're lucky. Go figure! Boy are they confused!

Does the government have to stick their nose into the developer's
business to ensure that adapter jacks are available on all handhelds!
After all, it appears that HP isn't too concerned with the extraordinary
use of these batteries polluting the environment! Shame on you HP!

Thanks to all, I needed that!

John Justin

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