Re: Using the Keyboard

Michael L Vezie (
Sat, 01 Feb 1997 15:34:19 -0500

At 11:14 PM 1/31/97 -0800, Wayne Venables wrote:
> Is there anyway to get the curly-braces {} or the sigma (ie anything you
>can get with graffiti) with just the keyboard. I use my Omnigo for taking
>notes in my classes and I always have to pull out the pen to add these
>extra characters.

I've seen somewhere (was it the manual?) keyboard equivalents for things.

> Also, I have a great idea for an Omnigo utility... is there anyway to
>make ALT-Fn keys launch programs? (ALT-F1 launch Notepad, ALT-F2 Appt
>book, etc).

I just press, with my finger, on the screen-side icons. My fingers
aren't precise enough for most screen things, obviously, but they
work fine for launching apps.

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