Q: Help with Viking Flash card and R.Schuler's OGFILE

Lars Fuchs (lars.fuchs@pobox.com)
Sun, 2 Feb 1997 00:32:12 +0800 (HKT)

Hello all!

I received a Viking 2MB ATA Flash PC Card as a Christmas Gift, and all
seemed well. I have been using it as a backup, since until recently I didn't
have a File manager program on the OGO. Recently, I have installed R.
Schuler's OGfile file manager program, in the hope of migrating some
applications' databases to the PC Card and thereby freeing up some main ram
on the OGO. However, whenever I try to access the 'C:' drive from within
ogfile, the system locks up.

The card seems to work well enough with the built-in transfer application.
Is the problem because I'm using an ATA-Flash card vs an SRAM card? (I'm not
really clear on the distinction... could someone set me straight on this?)

Any help at all would be gratefully received.


Lars Fuchs