FYI: OGO Link to Windows PC Info

S. L. Funk (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 09:52:42 -0800 (PST)

Seems many people on this last have questions or want to know about the
features of the new conx sw. The following comes right from the box & manual
of the sw.

Brief run down on the sync, import/export, and clip n go features of the new
OGO link to windows pc s/w:

Sync & Go:

Syncs OGO Appt Book, Phone Book, Notepad, and Database to Windows apps like
Lotus Organizer 2.1, Net Manage ECCO 3.03, Sidekick 1.0 & 2.0, SIdekick 95,
Daytimer Organizer 2.0, Now UptoDate (3.1 &95), MS Schedule+7.0, and HP PIM
(this is included in the package).

Will also transfer data to & from Act 2.0 f/win, Schedule 1.0, MS Cardfile,
Polaris Advantage, Paradox 3.5, dbase III and 4, and ASCII. Also transfer
appts from the HP 100/200, sharp(s) organizers (most of them) and casio
organizers (most), AND the PSion 3 & 3A.

Clip & Go: lets you cut and paste between the OGO and Windows apps like MS
Word 6.0, WP 6.1, AmiPro 3.1, Lotus 123 V5, MS Excel 5.0, & Quattro Pro 6.0.

Note: the apps must be this version or higher for the sw to function correctly.


Strategy Games (comes with 6)

Tiles, Black Box, Decode, Uki, Hi-Ho, and four-in-a-row.
The games are pretty good (great for down time on the plane, train, or
automobile when you really dont want to do work related things).

Well thats about it. I really like this piece of s/w and find it extremely
usefull. With the release of this we all have, FOR THE PRICE, the most
versatile organizer/palmtop on the market right now.

Hope this helps