Re: Download text file..again

Marc E. DeVinney (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 09:50:59 -0600


You haven't said which file it is that your trying to upload. My
questions would be:

- Is this file in use? Is it the phonebook database (PHONE.PDB) while
the phonebook is running? Use Fn-F3 to close it.

- What directory are you trying to download to? Is it read only (in

- Can you download other files? Try renaming the file and downloading
again. Try a smaller file.


thawatchai krisanaprakorn wrote:
> Dear All,
> I've failed to download the text file from PC to OGO by using the
> 'Put' command of Omnicomm.I've more than 200 KB of the main memory left.
> I successfully upload the file by 'Get' command to PC and use the
> installer to install the GPK file. What 's wrong about this?
> Could anyone give any comments and suggestion again?
> Yours,
> Thawatchai.