Nokia 9000 Communicator SDK Information

James D. Bearden (
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 12:50:40 -0500

I know the Nokia SDK is not intended to provide internet capabilities to
the GEOS desktop, but as I understand it the basic difference between "GEOS
3.0" and "GEOS 2.5" is the addition of a few files and libraries. And am I
correct in saying that the Nokia SDK is a "GEOS 3.0" SDK? So, if you had an
extra 100, some free time, and New Deal, couldn't you put together an
internet ready V3.0 GEOS desktop solution?

Is this essentially what New Deal's V3.0 release is going to be in a few
months? If so, then it would be worth it for me to buy the SDK. I have no
intention of shelling out thousands of dollars for one, even when it
becomes available in the US. On the other hand, if I could pervert the SDK
into providing internet capabilities to my desktop (and my OmniGo), then I
would buy it in a heartbeat. If I ever get around to use it to make GEOS
V3.0 software, then that would be icing on the cake.

Also, does the Nokia SDK differ majorly from the other SDK's? I mean, does
it have an emulator, all the standard (updated?) GEOS SDK documentation,

Please reply! This inquiring mind wants to know.

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