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Alan D. Beck (
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 10:24:07 +0000

> This message is off subject.
> I have an 8088 computer im running GeoPublish on. It is using a mono
> monitor (with hercules card) that gives off a high pitch whine when its on.
> The sound changes when GeoPublish loads its video driver (the sound gets
> higher than it is in DOS). Ive tried different video drivers with no
> effect. I think it might be refresh rates on the monitor. i.e. If you
> look at the screen out of the corner of your eye it looks like its
> flickering. My TV does the same thing when I firt turn it on but it goes
> away after it warms up. No such luck with the monitor. Also to note this
> is the second monitor Ive tried and it does the same thing so I dont think
> its the monitor. If its refresh rates how do I go about changing them?
> Any information would be very helpful. Haven't had much luck with other
> newsgroups.

It is most likely that your flyback transformer has dried out and
what you are hearing are low frequency resonances of that frequency.

Go find someone old and ask them if they can hear it squeal, my guess
is they can't which means it is above 12,000 hertz.

Is the monitor more than 10 years old?


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