Q: HTML instead of BookReader?

Lars Fuchs (lars.fuchs@pobox.com)
Sat, 18 Jan 1997 21:04:30 +0800 (HKT)

Hello all!

Two questions this time:

1) Is there an HTML viewer for the Omnigo?
Someone recently asked if the OGO BookReader app uses HTML.
Unfortunately, as it was pointed out, BookReader is a proprietary hypertext
format, and requires proprietary content creation tools from a single
supplier (GeoWorks). In contrast, HTML development tools are universally
available, many of them (some of the best) as shareware or freeware. HTML
is, like BookReader/Bindery, platform independent. However, many more people
have HTML viewers/browsers than BookReader. So wouldn't it make sense to
have an HTML viewer for the OGO? (to say nothing of a browser --- we can
still dream of a tcp/ip stack running on the OGO, but what about LYNX? Could
that be made to run on the OGO?) The plethora of HTML tools and utilities
would seem to make is much easier to keep one's hypertext content on one's
OGO up-to-date.
I might be getting IZL soon, so that might be a project I'll undertake.
Tips and advice welcome. But more importantly, I'd hate to duplicate work
already done, so if anybody knows of an HTML viewer (not a browser) for the
OGO please let me know.

2) What are Graffitti Shortcuts?
On pg 36 of the final issue of OmniGo World, GW Steve wrote: ".... we
figured out how to save the Graffiti shortcuts you create." How do I create
Graffiti shortcuts (what are they)?

Thanks in advance!

Lars FUchs