Re: Upgrading to WinCE

David Murray (
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 09:11:19 -0500

> Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 10:34:37 +0100
> From: Juraj Mucko <>
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> Organization: Emporion
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> Subject: Upgrading to WinCE

Juraj Muck wrote:

> Alan Beck wrote:
> >How do you propose we will be able to go to WinCE on the omnigo when
> >the Geos operating system is in ROM?
> Simply by spitting out some $500-600 for Cassiopeia or Velo or similar.
> I used name OmniGo because there is a rumour that HP's WinCE palmtop
> will be called OmniGo when it hits the market.
> I'm sorry to disappoint you but you're stuck with your OmniGo just like
> the rest of us are. I don't say that it's not good (at that price)
> but now when WinCE has arrived man starts to ask himself...

I still find it hard to believe that the microsoft marketing machine
is putting out an OS called "wince" (wince ;-).

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