Re: Checking SRAM batt. on Ogo...

Warren H. Minix (
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 11:16:25 -0500

Not sure if the "test" does anything but check the status in which case if
it is not good it is too late. The PCCard battery status should be
monitored on the main page of setup. Unfortunately it only gives a "good"
or "replace" status. I do not know how this works as the demands are
somewhat dependent on the card itself.
As an aside: From experience I do know that if the OGO's backup cell is
drained completely, and then fresh main batteries are inserted; after a
period of time the backup cell will once again read "good". Not sure if
this is do to the funky rebound of Li-cells or the ability for power to
backflow to the backup cell.
So it would seem to suggest that the warning level threshold is pretty low.

> From: Larry A. McFarland <>
> Subject: Checking SRAM batt. on Ogo...
> Date: Sunday, January 05, 1997 21:43
> Hello all - and Happy New year...
> Do any of you happen to know whether it's possible for the
> Ogo to check the internal SRAM battery on the PCCard while in
> the "shift-on-next.. and holding 'next"? There seems to be
> a PC Card test, but it isn't clear what it checks!!