Re: Lost 700 phone book entries

Max Wood (
Sat, 04 Jan 1997 07:49:51 -0600


I see a few problems. One, I wouldn't be surprised if you are not
approaching the limit on size with 700 names. Some of the more technically
inclined here can probably give you a better answer. Second, you should
always backup. Even if you do not have the connectivity kit, you can back
up to a card. Third, I can not imagine entering 700 names and addresses
directly into the OGO (my eyes would fall out and my fingers drop off). In
other words, I would have the names on my desktop machine (or enter into the
desktop first) and copy to OGO. I realize you did not have a connectivity
option, but I would have waited until it arrived.

I've had to do several restorals since I've had mine (four months), but most
all of them were my errors. By the way, I lost data on the first one or two
myself. That's why I make these comments.

Good luck.

At 06:45 PM 01/03/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I got an Omnigo 100 for Christmas and I input 700 phone book entries
>into it. I haven't backed anything up because I'm still waiting (and
>waiting and waiting) for my back ordered Connectivity Pack to arrive
>from Educalc.
>For some reason I got an error message today on the Omnigo so I did a
>soft restart. Since then everything works except the phonebook and the
>appointment functions, which won't come up-the coffee cup stays on the
>screen, the appointments and to do lists are blank, and the unit thinks
>it's New Years Day.
>I just called HP Hardware Support and the guy told me that there's
>nothing I can do about this except restore the Omnigo to factory
>condition with a hard restart. They're surmising that the problem might
>have been that my phonebook file was so large. So I'm going to return
>the unit to Staples, get a new one, and see if they can send this unit
>back to HP so that HP can hopefully retrieve my data and send it to me.
>I'm disturbed that HP can't tell me what went wrong in the first place.
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