Lost 700 phone book entries

Vivian Adkins (vadkins@erie.net)
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 18:45:17 -0500

I got an Omnigo 100 for Christmas and I input 700 phone book entries
into it. I haven't backed anything up because I'm still waiting (and
waiting and waiting) for my back ordered Connectivity Pack to arrive
from Educalc.

For some reason I got an error message today on the Omnigo so I did a
soft restart. Since then everything works except the phonebook and the
appointment functions, which won't come up-the coffee cup stays on the
screen, the appointments and to do lists are blank, and the unit thinks
it's New Years Day.

I just called HP Hardware Support and the guy told me that there's
nothing I can do about this except restore the Omnigo to factory
condition with a hard restart. They're surmising that the problem might
have been that my phonebook file was so large. So I'm going to return
the unit to Staples, get a new one, and see if they can send this unit
back to HP so that HP can hopefully retrieve my data and send it to me.

I'm disturbed that HP can't tell me what went wrong in the first place.

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