Fax Woes!!

Allan Aaron (Allana@interconnect.com.au)
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 12:03:03 -0800

So ... all I wanted to do was to have a simple fax and email capability
on my OGO. Tried the fax first.

I downloaded a shareware dos fax program called qfax written by Anthony
Mai. He has developed this neat package for PC's and HP1001/2001 so I
thought it would fit in the OGO. After a bit of fiddling with the PC
version it now runs (but does not talk to the modem) under DOS in the OG
with Omniswap installed. I create the text file to fax with Ogedit.

However, despite spending a couple of hours trying to figure out the
appropriate modem intitialisation string I can't get my PCMCIA modem to
work in DOS mode (but it works fine in OgComm). Also, every so often in
Geos mode it comes up with a message that saying that the OGO cant read
the PCMCIA card (obviously ..... its a modem!) To complicate things the
modem is an Australian made one called a Banksia PCM14.4F

Perhaps some of the experts out there can help a duffer like me figure
it out. Then perhaps someone can also tell me how to Email (off line
would be ok) from my regular Internet ISP (POP?) without trying to find
an ISP that will provide a unix shell (or going compuserve if that

Or should I just give up and buy a Psion/HP1001/etc ...