Re: HP Omnigo Link to Windows PC - Reviewed

Max Wood (
Wed, 01 Jan 1997 20:47:24 -0600

Hi Michael,

My sentiments exactly on your general observations (I haven't loaded it
yet). Some addtional observations....

At 08:52 PM 01/01/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I just recieved the new Connectivity Pack for the Omniogo 100/120, and
>thought I'd pass on a few thoughts. Firstly, I have an Ogo 100 with 2Meg
>SRAM card.
>The software has a lot of functionality. It installs easy and comes with
>another HP cable.
>It can "talk" to a number of PIM's - the issue is whether it synchronizes or
>transfers data to and from. My favorite PIM is Act! and it is only
>supported in transfer to and from mode, not the ideal synchronize. I did
>try to synchronize with Lotus Organizer 2.11, but the software is very fussy
>and would not synchronize!!! Hence, any software updates may be a concern.
>I will try and get the exact Lotus Organzier 2.10 at work, and try to do a
>full synchronization to see if the software works as promised.

I've developed my own interface with ACT using Intellilink. It is not true
sync, but functions much like it. Plus, I handle to-dos and calls and even
put phone numbers on the to-do items in the OGO (like ACT). In reviewing
the manual, I would not be surprised if this is not Intellilink package
under the HP name.
>The HP PIM is very good. It can do all kinds of things that I've looked for
>including repeating to-dos and changing one instance of a repeating
>appointment without impacting or changing all other occurences. The trouble
>is you can only do this with the Windows software app, you still can't do it
>with the Omnigo itself.
>One BIG problem that I have with the HP Appt PIM is that when it prints out
>a very nice monthly calendar for you, all my appts from Monday to Friday
>print with the start time and then with a date (Fixed) of 10/30/96. An
My goal is to eliminate paper, so this is not a problem. All is on the OGO
when I'm out of the office. Otherwise, I use ACT.

>8.00a 10/30/96 IPP Course - Kitchener
>To-Do :
> 1. Enroll in Directions
>What 10/30/96 has to do with anything I have no idea - but I hate it for
>ruining a perfectly good calendar!!!! Please help out with this one HP if
>you are reading.
>The Clip & Go appears to work well, but I've only scratched the surface with
>this application I think. It seems to have a lot of potential.

I suspect Clip & Go is the same as sold previously, but bundled with the new
package. I have C&G stand alone and it works great!
>The games are a nice to have, but I haven't tried them at all.
>OVERALL, I think the packkage looks very good, and with another few weeks of
>testing, I should be able to give a better update if anyone is interested.

>Cheers, Michael
- Max