HP Omnigo Link to Windows PC - Reviewed

Michael Peck (mpeck@ican.net)
Wed, 1 Jan 1997 20:52:53 -0500 (EST)

I just recieved the new Connectivity Pack for the Omniogo 100/120, and
thought I'd pass on a few thoughts. Firstly, I have an Ogo 100 with 2Meg
SRAM card.

The software has a lot of functionality. It installs easy and comes with
another HP cable.

It can "talk" to a number of PIM's - the issue is whether it synchronizes or
transfers data to and from. My favorite PIM is Act! and it is only
supported in transfer to and from mode, not the ideal synchronize. I did
try to synchronize with Lotus Organizer 2.11, but the software is very fussy
and would not synchronize!!! Hence, any software updates may be a concern.
I will try and get the exact Lotus Organzier 2.10 at work, and try to do a
full synchronization to see if the software works as promised.

The HP PIM is very good. It can do all kinds of things that I've looked for
including repeating to-dos and changing one instance of a repeating
appointment without impacting or changing all other occurences. The trouble
is you can only do this with the Windows software app, you still can't do it
with the Omnigo itself.

One BIG problem that I have with the HP Appt PIM is that when it prints out
a very nice monthly calendar for you, all my appts from Monday to Friday
print with the start time and then with a date (Fixed) of 10/30/96. An example:

8.00a 10/30/96 IPP Course - Kitchener

To-Do :
1. Enroll in Directions

What 10/30/96 has to do with anything I have no idea - but I hate it for
ruining a perfectly good calendar!!!! Please help out with this one HP if
you are reading.

The Clip & Go appears to work well, but I've only scratched the surface with
this application I think. It seems to have a lot of potential.

The games are a nice to have, but I haven't tried them at all.

OVERALL, I think the packkage looks very good, and with another few weeks of
testing, I should be able to give a better update if anyone is interested.

Cheers, Michael