Printer `pins' on floppy unit

Tue, 22 Oct 1996 15:18:28 -0700 (MST)

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From: "David B. Reiser" <>
in response to Jeff, who said...

>> I'm also curious about the type of parallel port this device has. What
>> type of connection does it use? (pin# and gender)

Dave said...
>I'd have to check to make sure, but maybe the comments will jog someone
>else's memory

I'm using the UL now (as always) and, first, there's the `proprietary'
connection between the EXTernal port on the UL and an identical one on
the floppy box which I won't even try to describe; second, there's the
DB25 female connector on the back of the floppy unit, labelled `Printer'
which is, I presume, the one that Jeff is wondering about. Page 33 of
the little `Portable Guide' to the UltraLite speaks of using a `serial
printer with the UltraLite' and points out helpfully that the connecting
cables are optional extras. (They did, of course, include a small `kit'
of connectors for the `non-standard' plugs AND a null-modem adapter -
primarily for making connections to use Laplink, I suppose -- so one
can't complain very much).

Like Dave, I can't remember ever using the printer port on this
machine - I always print from my desktop machine, usually after tweaking
the `print' with WordPerfect a little.

Tom Yeoman, retired
Calgary Board of Education

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