Hello again......guess I've been away for a while and didn't know it!

Michael Crestohl (mc@shore.net)
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 07:58:29 -0400 (EDT)

Thanks to a list reader I am re-subscribed to this excellent list about an
old computer I still use. He told me about the archives and how he found
me - he's looking for a few parts for his UltraLite. I still have some
stuff left from a few years ago when I had a good supply of them and they
went fast because lots of folks especially ham radio operators and internet
fans like them for their size and weight.

I am using mine right now to do this session online. I have attached a
14.4 moden externally and it works fine. Wish I could say the same for
the 286-V I was playing around with. Nope, it didn't cut it.

I still have some bits and pieces laying around so if anyone wants to pick
up an extra 512MB RAM card or even a spare unit (minus the power supply)
please let me know because now's the time I'm going to look and see what's left.

Good to be back!

Michael Crestohl