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Greetings Michael,

At 02:44 AM 8/27/96 -0400, Michael Crestohl <> wrote:

>What is Net Tamer? I use COMMO as a terminal pgm. Works perfectly as a
>VT-102. I wonder how I could ever manage with a 1MB UltraLite. I have

Since you are on the list again I figured I'd post this there as you
would get it and since this may be of interest to others here.

My UL is the 1mb version and I too wrestled with different schemes to
get it to fit my needs. Among other things I had Procomm Plus and Offline
Express loaded onto the HDD and used the FDD as a swap disk for virtual
memory for reading BBS messages. This was not very portable though as I
would have to plug the machine in to run the FDD.

Then I was directed to Net Tamer. It can be gotten from
"", the Net Tamer Homepage. In short
it is a monolithic Internet shareware application combining PPP dialler,
e-mail, Usenet, FTP, Gopher, Finger, and WWW functions. The version that
I'm using on my UL is intended for palmtop computers and supports a
monochrome display only and no graphics.

There is an XT/286 version that is essentially the palmtop version but
supports color and a 386 and higher version supports color and limited
graphics. Best part about the palmtop version is that the entire
application fits onto the 1mb silicon hard drive with room to spare for data
files. Stripped down to the bare essentials the programs should fit neatly
onto a 512k RAM card leaving more real estate on the HDD for data.

>a sector editor that I use to edit the size of the sectork to 512K. The
>UltraLite uses 4096 K sectors for some reason and in you edit them down
>you can get a LOT more files on there!

Thanks for the tip on sector editing. I'll have to dig around to see
if I can find such a program. Do you have any recommendation?

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