Re: Arrow Keys Not working in telecom programs

Harry Bartholomew (
Sat, 10 Feb 1996 00:49:44 -0800 (PST)

This is one of those serious tricks of terminal emulation.
Your comm program needs to do a _good_ VT100 emulation.
I use Commo which is a shareware superset of ProComm.
With it one can program just what escape sequences are
sent when keys are pressed. Here is the relevant section
of my macro file, mostly I think these are Commo's defaults.
(The {} enclose commands in Commo syntax, the :xxx are just names,
and the ^ stands for Ctrl.) rtfm.

{:hom} {send ^A} {} Home Start of line
{:end} {send ^E} {} End End of line
{:pgu} {send ^U} {} PgUp Page up
{:pgd} {send ^V} {} PgDn Page down

{:upa} {vtcur ^[[A|^[OA} {} Up Arrow
{:dna} {vtcur ^[[B|^[OB} {} Down Arrow
{:lfa} {send ^B} {} Left Arrow Cursor left
{:rta} {send ^F} {} Right Arrow Cursor right

{:cla} {send ^A} {} ^Left Arrow Word left
{:cra} {send ^F} {} ^Right Arrow Word right

{:ins} {send ^TT}{} Insert Toggle insert mode
{:del} {send ^D} {} Delete Delete character
{:cnd} {send ^J} {} ^End Delete to end of line