Tue, 25 Jul 1995 07:29:16 -0500 (CDT)

Had some horrible thoughts after yesterday's posting--with the various wild
UltraLite/power supply/Macintosh computer/printer combinations possible with my
modifications and information, some very strange things could happen, like Mac
icons on your UltraLite screen, garbage characters on your Mac printer... or
maybe something might EXPLODE! :-)

Seriously, if you are the absent-minded type, be careful--you could fry a Mac
serial port or short out your power supply!

More seriously, the cable connectors I am using (9V battery snaps) have exposed
contact surfaces--the pins on the end of the Mini-DIN-8 cable (male end) are
also exposed. If a loose metal object in your briefcase should happen to short
across these, you could wind up with hot batteries, smoke, leakage, etc. This
is especially true if you build an 8-D cell pack. Alkaline D's are rated at
something like 8 amp-hours, with "cold starting power" (surge current) on the
order of 15-20 amps--you could easily weld small stuff like jewelry with this
setup! If this is a special concern for you, the connectors used on model
racing car battery packs are fully insulated--you might want to use those.