Question about (cheap!) PC1701 upgrades

Wayne McCandless (
Fri, 14 Jul 95 13:46:11 CDT


I am probably several years late in finding this group and making this request,
but what the heck. I am the proud owner of an original Ultralite model PC 1701.
Although I have long since moved on to bigger and better laptop and desktop
machines, I still like the 1701 (1 Meg RAM and 2400 baud modem) as a note taker
and terminal because it is so (relatively) compact and lightweight. (And I
won't cry if it breaks like I would my IBM 350c.)

I have three specific questions about options for do-it-yourself upgrades to the
1701 hardware:

Has anyone out there had any (successful, ideally) experience in non-NEC
solutions to increasing RAM? I suspect that increases in RAM density and
decreases in the price of RAM would make this possible, the practicality being
constrained by limitations that might be imposed by the BIOS and other
supporting hardware/circuitry/firmware. It's probably obvious that battery
charge life is not too big a deal with me or I would have chucked the whole
thing long ago.

I never could convince myself to pay NEC's ransom for the external floppy
drive/printer interface unit (I have learned to love LapLink!!) so I am
interested in learning what clever adaptations have been discovered for the
"floppy interface" (the door to which has been taped shut on mine for about five

A similar question applies to the PCMCIA-like slot on the machine's side. What
products or DIY options exist that would make use of this port? Since I already
have a modem and don't need a faster one, that option is out.

I also have one software question that concerns the very clunky version of
MSWorks that was bundled with my system. In the terminal emulation mode of the
communications module, I can't set the screen size to anything other than 25
rows x 80 columns (even though the software entices you into thinking that such
a change is possible). To function correctly with the DEC VAX-based system I
connect with, I need to set the screen to 24 x 80. Is anyone out there familiar
with this problem and if so, is there a solution?

In exchange for any information on these topics, I will solemnly promise never
to attempt to run Windows, Windows 95, 96,...., O/S2, or Linux on the V30
processor. Wait a minute, Linux. That would be cool!

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