Ultralite wanted

Mon, 10 Jul 1995 16:14:23 -0500 (CDT)

(sorry about blank posting)


Am interested in buying an Ultralite, either 1- or 2-meg, with power supply and
floppy drive. I'm just planning on using it as a sort of "file keeper," and
since I have several computers already, can't afford to spend a lot on it. I
expect to make some modifications and run it off a lead-acid gel cell battery.

Although I've been fascinated with the Ultralite for awhile, never owned one,
and don't know how it boots. Does it have something like a C: drive in ROM?
Is the "silicon hard disk" drive D: or what? I assume whatever it is that you
do actually have the whole 1 (2) meg for your own files. It would be nice if the
Ultralite would go into "suspend" mode and let you resume work in whatever
program you quit from, but have never read anything to indicate that is true.

The stuff I've been reading makes me think NEC designed this whole concept
around some exotic battery technology that didn't pan out, hence today's
problems. If my sources are correct, there are now 486SLC chips that can go
faster than the V30 in the Ultralite and run on only 3 volts instead of the
Ultralite's 12--this is just an awful lot of juice for NiCads or even nickel
metal hydride to pump out, compared to running a 3-volt machine. Hopefully
going to an external lead-acid will let me get by and use it.

Mark Shields