Yet Another Question RE: New Batteries.

Hardy M. Cook ((no email))
Sat, 25 Mar 1995 20:23:56 EST

I normally work with the AC Adapter, but there are occasions -- infrequent
train trips -- when I need to work off the battery.

I fully charged both my replacement batteries and tested them twice in the
past week.

One charges more quickly, seems to hold its charge longer, and has lastest
up to 56 minutes but today only lasted 42 minutes.

The other takes an unusually long time to charge, doesn't appear to hold that
charge for long, and lasted today 37 minutes and only 25 a few days ago.

Is this about what others have gotten?

Do these qualify for yet another replacement as some have indicated they have

Please, I'm interested in data points only -- NO NEC, the new batteries, or
life "sucks" posting.

--Hardy M. Cook