Re: Ultralite power supply

Wayne Itano (starnet!apple!!witano)
Sat, 4 Mar 1995 18:23:46 -0700

It turned out that the power cable going from the power supply to the UL had
an intermittent open somewhere. I replaced the cable with half of a
Macintosh printer cable. The connector seems to match the UL "DC IN" port.
There is a pin where the original UL connector has a plastic plug, but this
doesn't seem to matter. I may use the other half of the Mac cable for an
external battery pack. Thanks to all who suggested that the cable could be
the problem. (1 message quoted below.) I find it interesting that others
have had the same problem. I wouldn't have suspected it, since it showed no
external signs of damage.

>One of my two UL power supplies seems to have gone bad, since it doesn't
>seem to supply enough current to keep the battery from being drained
>while the computer is operating. It is not totally dead, since it seems
>Have you checked the cable that connects the power supply to the
>Ultralite? I had the *exact* same problem with my unit and one of the
>wires in the cable had broken near the RFI "wart" and was open.

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