Re: Running NEC UL on C-cell nicads

Dave, MRO1-3/C6, DTN 297-8251, 508 467-8251 20-Sep-1994 0924 ((no email))
Tue, 20 Sep 94 09:26:56 EDT

Why 3 wires? Although I haven't taken the UL apart, I have rebuilt another
laptop battery pack with 3 wires. The other one uses a ground wire on either
side of the positive so that it can be installed in either direction/polarity
without frying the machine. This may be a cheaper solution than using high
quality keyed 2 contact connectors that prevent reverse polarity. The 2nd ground
contact could also help insure better electrical contact.

That schematic looked like this:

Connector -> Gnd(-) Power(+) Gnd(-)
| | |
| Fuse |
| | |
| Battery |
| | |

Dave Brown