Re: Running NEC UL on C-cell nicads

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Sat, 17 Sep 1994 16:08:29 -0400 (EDT)

>Lots of laptop batteries are like this; maybe they're too cheap to put

The only reason they do wierd things like that is so you have to but a
battery from them and you can't get one anywhere else, they try to get
you where it counts, man. Unfortunatly, Nec does not seem to support
the pc1701 in favor of the newer laptop machines, and who could blame
them, you can get a '486 with 170 meg drive and 8 hours of battery life
for $1,000.00 US give or take. The only reason I use mine is that I bought
it cheap ($100.00) and it has a modem. I spend a fair bit of time on line
using modem software anyway. I don't need a lot of storage for e-mail, so
it works for me at least for about 45 minutes and then the battery craps
out! :)
To summerize, IMHO there is no need for 3 leads, a substitute could
be arranged with 2 leads I am sure, also it is not a 5volt battery it is
actually 3.6v, which is exactly the same as a lithium cell in any common
desktop machine (286 or newer).
If anyone needs the RAM battery replaced and cannot find one, I will
be happy to try to work up a suitable substitute.

Fran KM1Z (amateur radio call)