UltraLite with accessories for sale $200.00

Michael Crestohl ((no email))
Tue, 9 Aug 1994 21:34:10 -0400

A friend who is not connected to the Internet has the following:

NEC UltraLite PC-17-01 with 1MB silicon hard drive, and the usual other
goodies like the 2400 Baud modem, 640 K of RAM, etc.

NEC Battery charger/power supply and one (maybe 2) new Metal Hydride batt(s)

External 1.44 MB floppy/printer port with cable

Documentation for above

Serial cable

He's asking $200.00 for everything.

If you are interested his name is Dave Roscoe and his tel no 508-378-1575
or send e-mail to me with your telephone number.

I've seen this unit and its clean and not abused.

Michael Crestohl