Re: No, I'm not ripping you off! ;-)

Bradley S. Corsello (starnet!apple!po.CWRU.Edu!bsc7)
Wed, 16 Mar 94 21:12:50 -0500

>There are a bunch of people's stuff I haven't sent out yet --- Michael's
>stuff, the cable, power brick, etc. (The system unit and batteries were
> already sent and received.)
>Sorry about the delay; as stated, no check will be deposited until the
>item has been shipped, and everything will be shipped insured. If you
>REALLY need something ASAP, E-mail me and I'll try to rush it. I just
>ahve a lot of projects and exams until next Monday. Sorry about the

Hey! I sent in my "unsubscribe" order on this mailing list, and it didn't
work! I really feel ripped off! How can I unsubscribe?

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