Re: rs232 cable

michael brian scher ((no email))
Mon, 14 Mar 1994 23:14:37 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 14 Mar 1994 apple!fico!fico8! wrote:

> Now I have one final question. Is there a method that can be used to stack
> the ram drive of the PC 1701 Ultralite, and if not, is there any way to add
> a larger ram drive to this unit. If I can add a larger ram drive, where can
> I obtain the unit and for how much.

Sure is. Stacker works superbly, though I find it gets parity errors if
I let the NiCad backup go too long uncharged. The great advantage is you
can copy the Stacked drive partition off as a FILE for backup purposes if
you stack under 1.4 MB (I have 1.2 or so Stackered).


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