Text editor problem

Sanjay Sinha ((no email))
Mon, 14 Feb 94 18:18:33 EST

Hi folks,

I'm one happy user of the UL with works on the card.
I mainly use the UL to log in from home to my unix

One of the machines i log into is a silicon graphics
machine running system 5. The command `stty rows 20'
has no effect on this machine and the sysop tells
me there is this a problem with all system 5 machines.

When i log into a RS6000 machine, the stty rows 20
command works well. I can read my news and mail well,
but i simply can't post. I use emacs and the screen is
a big mess. Redrawing the screen (^l) does not help
and i really can't use emacs. Is there any text editor
that works well with 20 rows while operating on system 5
and AIX on RS6000's?

What kind of text editors are out there? I just want some-
thing simple that i can learn to use in a week or so
and don't want to pay more than 30-40 bucks if it is



p.s. I am using the communications package that is part of the
Microsoft works.