Re: Smashed Ultralite!

Darryl Davidson (starnet!apple!!davidson)
Sun, 13 Feb 1994 22:10:51 -0500 (EST)

Eli Goldberg writes:
>This leaves me with two options:
>... I can fix it... I can sell the rest for parts.


3) look for another one on the used market. Since mine began
to act up (a severe fall gave it brief-random-shutoff syndrome)
I've opted this direction... too bad there's no huge market for
them in Vermont.

If you decide to bail out, I'd be interested if the internals
seem to work (if it boots and seems to listen to (and just not
visibly respond) commands sent to the external drive, for
example, or print-screen commands work, etc.).

Also, in the odd chance it is just a cracked connection somewhere
within, does anyone have specs/diagnostics on the UL they'd
willingly lease/rent/sell/loan/etc? I vaguely recall someone
mentioning them ages ago.

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