Re: recall opinion

Todd C. Hart ((no email))
Wed, 8 Dec 93 8:54:19 CST

> Also I have been reading about some difficulties some folks have been
> experiencing with the battery recall and would be interested in hearing
> from you if you have been having problems.
> Michael Crestohl
I received all three checks and one battery. Last night I tried the one
battery on fast & bright using the modem and it gave me 0:58. I think
the old one's would do about 30-45 minutes.

The interesting thing is that the checks came directly from NEC, the
battery came in a plain brown envelope from the marketing company. It
made me think NEC wants to be associated with the checks (good PR), but
not the batteries. Apparently though both NEC & the marketing co. have
been swamped w/the recall.


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