battery problems.

Thomas Farrell (starnet!apple!!tfarrell)
Wed, 8 Dec 1993 16:15:17 -0500

Well, I had my ultralite upgraded from the softpack to the hardpack, and
got it back with the new battery in it. The problem is, the new battery
doesn't work. It's garbage. It fails entirely to charge at all. I've looked
at it myself and had it looked at by a professional technician and we're
agreed that the battery they sent me is bad. I called the battery hotline
back and told them about it, and the person who answered hemmed and hawed
and refused to offer to do anything about it. I gave them my address and
told them I want a response within two days. I also informed them that I'd
sent them a working machine and got back a machine with a bad battery, and
demanded replacement. They said they'd get back to me on it. We'll see what

Does anybody happen to have an 800 number for NEC tech support (NOT the
battery hotline) that I can call up to gripe to? None of the paperwork I
got back with the computer had one on it.