Re: Running Ultra without Batteries

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Mon, 11 Oct 1993 09:41:34 -0400 (EDT)

>I've sent my batter back to NEC... now I'm having problems with my ultra.
>After about 20 minutes of use, the ultra intermittently "cuts out". If I'm
>using the modem, characters disappear from the incoming stream. The disk
>drive has problems, etc. I've noticed that while this is happening the
>"battery low" light flashes intermittently.
>Merely turning it off or even unplugging the AC power for a few seconds
>doesn't solve the problem. It has to sit unpowered for a few minutes
>before it goes back to normal.
>Is this happening to anyone else?
>Brad Corsello ( 3L Case Western Reserve Law School

I too have had problems operating my Ultralite without the battery,
using the charger alone.
It locks up when I try to use the serial port for Laplink and fails
to write to the external floppy drive. I haven't tried the modem yet.
Putting the battery back in seems to solve the problem.
Perhaps the external interfaces require more current than the charger
can handle?
I'm planning to hold one Molicel back, until I get at least one of the
new NiMH batteries.
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