RE: Handheld Hard Drives

I, Dubious: LKG1-3/L12, DTN 226-5144 07-Sep-1993 1122 ((no email))
Tue, 7 Sep 93 11:36:47 EDT

>Just got a flyer in the mail from Dayton Valley Electronics
>(1-800-759-0881). They sell PalmBook palmtop PCs, but the
>noticeable insert was the following:

>Special Offer on 30MB Handheld Hard Drives

>Need additional disk storage? Want to transfer files from any PC
>to any other PC megabytes at a time? Want to backup (sic) your
>files and data faster? Need a secure inviornment (sic) for your
>sensitive data?

>We are over stocked with 30MB parallel HandHeld Hard Drives,
>which means you can do all of the above and more at an
>unbelievable price. Quick to install, easy to use, no controller
>cards, no installation hassles, just plug into the parallel port
>and go. Will work on virtually any PC, Laptop, Notebook, or even
>some Palmtops.

>For more information, call 1-800-759-0881.

Well, the 20-Mbyte drive arrived last week, and so far, I've had
little problem with it. Some observations:

You must install it using a bootable floppy disk in the A: drive.
The documentation states that it won't install correctly using
ROM-based DOS. I've had no problems since then, though.

Access is slow, which is to be expected, I guess. The biggest
problem is that I can't run GeoWorks Ensemble or America Online
from the hard disk. The system hangs when I invoke GeoWorks, and
AOL tells me that I don't have "enough handles," then boots me
out of the application.

I'm using the working model of GeoWorks. Anyone know any specific
setting I must use to run it and/or AOL? (I installed a separate
copy of AOL on the drive.)

Other than that, I've had no difficulty with the drive; it runs
Key Publisher with no problem, as well as PC-Write.

Bill Dubie
Digital Equipment Corporation,
Littleton, Mass.

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