Re: Bad Sectors on Silicon Hard Disk

Bradley S. Corsello (starnet!apple!po.CWRU.Edu!bsc7)
Sat, 4 Sep 93 14:53:35 -0400

>Yes, mine has 87k or so bad. It happened just after the warranty expired.
>It might be reduced if you reduced the block size of the hard disk to 512
>bytes / 1024? I think the default is 4k? The instructions on how to do it
>are in the archives.

Yeah, I've done that. It really freed up a lot of space! But, I still
can't figure out why there should be bad sectors. There's no magnetic
medium to go bad, so what's going on? I looked at it with PC-Tools, and it
looks like the bad clusters are in a contiguous block. Does anyone know
how FORMAT decides that a cluster is bad? That might provide some clues.


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