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Tue, 31 Aug 93 3:26:36 PDT

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From: (Pete o Wilkinson)
Subject: ****NEC Ultralite (8086) w/ int. 2400B Modem $300****
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Date: Sun, 29 Aug 93 15:13:04 PDT
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NEC Ultralite notebook computer $300

-Very light (4 lbs I think)
-2 Megs of ram stacked to 3.5
-2 Batterys
-Human size keyboard
-Works for Dos (12 disks)
-Laplink (This machine has no diskdrives)
-Almost new carrying case

This is a perfect Email machind. It's as big as your high school
yearbook and about as heavy. Everything is running off the RAM
drive so it's relatively quick.

contact me either via E-mail or at (415)988-1332 (that's Mt View).