Yet another new UL'er

Tom M. Payne ((no email))
31 Aug 1993 09:28:09 CDT


Add one more to the list. I just got my UL last week - used at a local
computer show. It was set up on a trash can in the corner (poor little guy).
The owner was asking $99 - I got it for $90 (I'm such a keen negotiator).
I've been looking for a small portable to replace my Toshiba T1200HB for a
while. While the UL doesn't actually fill my requirements list, one can never
pass up a real computer for under $100!

It's been a frustrating ownership so far. When I got the UL, all I got was
the basic unit. (Oh, its a 17-01.) I had no way of getting any software onto
the machine. You can play with the MANAGER just so long before it gets really
boring. The previous owner promised to get me the serial cable - I finally
got it a week later. The same day, I recieved a WORKS card from DAK. Now I
can play.

BTW, DAK is having a "blow-out" on UL stuff. They supposedly sent a flyer out
to everyone who bought a UL from them. FYI, here's what they are offering:


256K RAM card 5819 $69.90
Parallel Printer Adapter 5820 $49.90
3.25" Ext. FDD (1.44) 5817 $129.90
Lotus 123 ROM card 5822 $19.90
Wordstar 5.5 ROM card 5828 $14.90
MS Works 1.05 ROM card 5826 $29.90
WP 5.0 ROM card (new) 5825 $149.90
WP 5.0 ROM card (used) U5825 $99.90
Lotus Agenda ROM card 5823 $39.90
Xywrite III ROM card 5827 $39.90
Lotus Metro/Express ROM card 5824 $39.90

Add $4 P&H. Call 1-800-325-0800
(not an endorsment - just info)

I got the WORKS card. When I got the bill it said I was charged $99. I called
them and DAK sad they would fix it.

Other news: JEM seems to be out of UL stuff. I called last week.

Any word on other UL accessory sources? I've tried JEM, DAK and NEC. I've
also tried some local sources. DAK and NEC are too expensive. After reading
much of the DIGESTs, I've noted Technolgy Resource, IME Computing and
Thaddeus Computing. I'll try to contact them today. I need a battery pack (mine
won't take a charge). I would also like an external FDD and maybe a 2MB upgrade.
Any leads would be appreciated.

I assume my battery pack is bad. I've had it charging for several days now
and each time I unplug it the UL dies. The previous owner insists that it
takes a charge. (I even tried dropping the battery as suggested in a article
somewhere - maybe an early DIGEST article?) The UL works fine with the adapter
plugged in. One observation: originally, the CHG light was constantly
illuminated, now it flickers (when "charging")?!

Someone mentioned a UL FAQ. Does one exist or was he refering to the DIGEST.
Or maybe the ULTRALITE.NEWS file?

I'm so glad I found out about this list. I was quite amazed to find so much
interest after all this time. The technical data in the DIGEST is just great!

Well now I'm going to Laplink this file to my T1200. It has a FDD. I'll take
the floppy to work and load it on my desktop PC, ftp it to the Sun and send
it out over the net. Not the most convenient path, but you know how
convenient modern techology is...

Talk to you all soon,