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Shawn Brixey: NEC Ultralite Laptop For Sale

NEC Ultralite Laptop Computer


--MS-DOS 3.3 in ROM
--2 Megabyte Silicon Hard Disk (Flash Disk)
--9.83 MHz NEC V-20 CPU
--4.4 pounds total weight (Includes battery)
--3-5 hour battery operation
--built in 2400 baud hayes compatible modem
--built in Laplink and MS-DOS manager plus other apps. in ROM
--ROM/RAM card slot for upgrades/new software
--Magnesium case material (very tough!)
--Edgelit Supertwist Doublescan display
--Serial, Parallel, and NEC expansion ports

Also comes with NEC high density 3.5" High Density (HD) External Disk Drive,
and a ROM CARD containing Lotus Agenda, as well as all manuals,
powersupply/recharger and leatherette case included are included!

Asking $250 but willing to entertain SERIOUS offers!

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